Scorpion: Episode 2.23 Promo – The Walter – Paige confession for the ages

If you’ve been waiting for a certain Walter – Paige confession, the Scorpion season 3 episode 23 promo offers everything you want!

Specifically, the video below offers you up a few simple words that will make your heart melt: “I’m in love with you.” It can’t be much of a surprise for Paige to hear these words, given that she already knew Walter said them earlier this season in the most vulnerable of moments. The only thing that is really all that different about this moment here is that it comes at a time in which he’s not in the midst of the same sort of distress that he was. This is a man more keenly aware of where he is and what he’s saying.

Also, this moment is him taking a little bit of the power back. When he last made the confession, he did so under a certain degree of duress and in a different mental state. Now, it’s not some secret to be kept from him; it’s out there in the open, and there’s no going back from it.

How will Paige respond? Well, she first has to come to terms with Walter firing her, and understanding where some of that came from. That moment represented Walter slipping back to his most primitive, vulnerable self.