Outlander Season 3 – Jamie Fraser and the dangers of the high seas

With Outlander season 3 giving a little bit of time to Jamie and Claire’s adventures on the high seas, it makes sense that seasickness would come up.

So just how big of a factor did it play during filming for South Africa? Well, according to author Diana Gabaldon, there was an issue of art imitating life at one point when it comes to Sam Heughan playing Jamie aboard a ship. (Jamie and Claire travel to Jamaica at one point during the Voyager story.)

Speaking per the Scottish Sun, Gabaldon had the following to say on the subject of a scene she saw while out on a visit:

“Sam had to throw up for one scene as it’s no spoiler to say that Jamie Fraser gets seasick. He was standing there with a page of script in his hand looking more than disheveled, and he said to me he thought he really was going to be sick.

“Sam said, ‘They’ve given me egg whites tinted green with the most disgusting vanilla essence in it. And I have to hold it in my mouth until it’s time to throw up.’

“Of course, they shot the scene over and over again and at about the sixth time, Sam looked at the glass of egg whites before saying, ‘F–k my life.’ So acting is not all glamorous.”

Sam’s had to do some pretty difficult stuff on Outlander since first signing up for the Jamie Fraser role, but who wants to say that this was one of the most challenging things? What probably added to the overall feeling of unease, despite filming on a ship that was designed to appear as though it was in rough water, was the climate of the area. South Africa is hot, especially in comparison to Scotland. If you feel sick when it’s about sixty degrees Fahrenheit, odds are you feel SICK when it’s twenty or thirty degrees warmer than that.

New episodes of Outlander will start airing this fall on Starz. It remains to be seen just when this episode will air during the run or how the scene will be presented; more than likely, it’ll be in the second half of the episodes given that Jamie and Claire won’t be reuniting right away after arriving in Scotland.