Grey’s Anatomy: Another Doctor Is Not Returning In Season 14

There are big changes Grey’s Anatomy for Season 14. And according to TV Line, actress Tessa Ferrer who played Dr Leah Murphy in Grey’s Anatomy. But sadly she won’t be returning to the series next season. Though a network rep has refused to confirm the news, several sources told the outlet that Tessa has not been on-set during Season 14 filming. And there are no plans for Leah to remain in the Grey’s storyline at this time.

Tessa first joined Grey’s Anatomy in 2012’s Season 9 as a Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital intern. In 2013, Leah was promoted to a series regular for Season 10 but she later left Grey’s Anatomy after Season 11 in 2015. And in Season 13, Tessa returned as Leah for a guest star stint to revamp her past relationship with Dr Arizona Robbins who is played by Jessica Capshaw.

She interestingly isn’t the only Grey’s Anatomy star to have gotten the boot before Season 14 premieres on Thursday, Sept. 28.It was revealed that Marika Dominczyk who played Dr Eliza Minnick was done with the show after Season 13. And additionally, Jerrika Hinton who played Dr Stephanie Edwards left the series after last season to pursue other acting projects and Jason George (Dr Ben Warren) will now star on the upcoming and yet-to-be-titled Grey’s Anatomy spin-off.

But luckily, a few new stars have joined the Grey’s cast to make up for Tessa, Marika, Jerrika, and Jason’s absence. Kim Raver has returned to reprise her role as Dr Teddy Altman and Stefania Spampinato has signed on to play Dr Andrew DeLuca’s sister, Carina DeLuca. We can’t wait for Grey’s to return to ABC for Season 14.

Source: closerweekly