Grey’s Anatomy Season 14: Star Camilla Luddington on the Future of Jo and Alex After Their Steamy Reunion

After a broken relationship and a season of friction, Jo and Alex reunited during the 14th season premiere of Grey’s Anatomy. Because the couple shared a kiss, does that mean they are back together for good?

The two-hour premiere featured Jo telling Deluca that she was still in love with Alex (Justin Chambers). After confessing her love for Alex to Deluca, Jo decides not to tell Alex himself, but instead, she sleeps with an intern they call “glasses.” The news doesn’t make Alex mad; he instead laughs about the random hookup.

Once Ben tells Alex about Jo’s fears of him physically hurting her, Dr. Karev goes straight to Jo and reveals that he found her abusive husband to protect her, and then promises he would never hurt her. Jo’s reaction is to kiss the man she says she loves.

Camilla Luddington, who plays Jo, told Entertainment Weekly that her Grey’s Anatomy character feels safe with Alex and their relationship has moved forward.

“He talks, in that conversation, about how he would never be violent with her. I think his own judgment, in that situation, shows that Alex is thinking twice when he’s making decisions, and that’s all she needed to hear.”

She went on to say that the kiss was the first step and there is a long way to go before the two get back together.

Another part of Jo’s story is her abusive ex-husband Paul, played by Matthew Morrison, who could show up at any time. Luddington says Paul is manipulative and frightening, and she hopes Jo can be strong and stand up for herself if he does come back into the picture. Luddington believes it is an important part of her character’s story and hopes she can eventually get closure after getting out of that abusive relationship.

There are conflicting reports as to whether or not Morrison will be coming back this season as Paul. Luddington claims ABC has not confirmed his return.


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Luddington told PopSugar that she is rooting for Jo and Alex’s relationship, a couple known as Jolex, because she loves working with Chambers and they have a lot of fun together.