The Last Ship star Bridget Regan explains Grey’s Anatomy recast

Earlier this year, it was announced that Abigail Spencer of Timeless would be playing the part of Megan on Grey’s Anatomy. In doing so, she ended up replacing The Last Ship actress Bridget Regan, who previously played the part of Owen’s sister on the show. You can see Regan as the character above from her first appearance on the show, which was strictly a flashback.

It’s nice to see both Regan and Spencer be so supportive of each other, especially since the two parties do seem to absolutely understand the circumstances of the change. After all, this is just something that happens here and there in the television business when you’ve got people who are very busy! This is something that Regan (who has been able to balance out a variety of guest gigs in the past) described more in a new interview with TVLine:

“…It was heartbreaking. But I have to say, producers both on Last Ship and on Grey’s were working overtime to try to make it happen, and it proved unrealistic. It was an unfortunate thing with timing, where there was nothing you could so. I had to take a deep breath and just trust that the universe has got a plan and it wasn’t meant for me this time around.”

Of course, in talking about timing the situation worked where Regan was doing The Last Ship season 5 right around the same time Grey’s Anatomy needed her. However, had the show either wrapped earlier or had Grey’s Anatomy positioned the Megan arc for a little later down the road, things may have been different. There are also things that come up here and there along the way that can also mess with plans. Sometimes, you just have to be aware that not everything works out, but there are also opportunities that will await down the road.

Who knows? What would be rather fun is if Grey’s Anatomy executive producer Shonda Rhimes is able to cast Regan in another project! It’s looking like the odds are high The Last Ship ends after season 5, and Rhimes has a new deal with Netflix that will allow her to develop some projects there. It’d certainly be a fun story to cover here at CarterMatt. Maybe the timing in this capacity can work out in a way that benefits everyone.