Outlander Season 3 Episode 6 Synopsis – ‘A. Malcolm’; Print Shop aftermath

Are you ready for Outlander season 3 episode 6 to arrive on Starz? We know that we are, but we’re also very well aware that we’ve got some serious hiatus-pains that we’ll be feeling by the time that the installment actually airs. “A. Malcolm” is the next new episode of the series, but as reported, it’s not coming on in the air until Sunday, October 22.

When the episode finale does happen to come on Starz, it will be bringing your way a proper Print Shop reunion that, for Jamie and Claire Fraser, is twenty years in the making. The most that we saw of the two together at the end of this past episode was Jamie fainting once he realized that Claire was there. Based on the Starz synopsis for this episode below … let’s just say that he’s clearly okay.

Outlander season 3 episode 6 synopsis – “After decades apart, Jamie and Claire finally reunite and rekindle their emotional and physical bonds. But Jamie’s new business dealings jeopardize the couples’ hopes for a simple life together.”

If you’ve read the Diana Gabaldon books you know how much of this scene is going to play out; for those who don’t, there’s no point in spoiling too much about this here. What should be clear is that the two are going to be thrilled to be back with each other but there are many other struggles that they will be forced to deal with. Did either party ever think they would actually have a simple life together? One of the things you just have to remember when thinking about that is that these two characters never had that the first time around. There were always complications, people wanting one or both of them dead, and other issues that had to be dealt with. So long as Jamie and Claire Fraser live and breathe there are going to be stresses put upon him.

Here’s the good news

For those of bemoaning the lack of a new episode next week the promo below confirms that “A. Malcolm” is going to run longer than the average episode. Given that there is so much content that needs to be addressed, can you really be surprised by this?

Ultimately, you could view the story of Voyager, as expressed on the show, as one in three different acts. You’ve got the first part before Jamie and Claire were together, the second part after the reunion, and then the actual voyage itself coming up later. This season covers more ground than either of the first two, and if it keeps up the momentum of the first five episodes we imagine that just about everyone will be satisfied.