Grey’s Anatomy Season 14 Episode 6 Spoilers – A story for the guys

Just in case you ever wanted to see some of the Grey’s Anatomy guys getting together for a big story, season 14 episode 6 may be that chance. This episode is entitled “Come On Down to My Boat, Baby” (one of the more ridiculous titles we’ve seen on the show in some time), and if you look below via SpoilerTV you can see a little more in the way of insight:

“Jackson invites the guys to relax with him on a day at sea; Arizona, April, and Maggie treat a woman who is hiding a deadly secret.

We know that this story in itself isn’t necessarily giving you a whole lot in the way of details regarding just what’s going to happen to some of these guys, but we don’t think that should really inhabit this story all that much from being altogether interesting. After all, one of the real inherent charms of Grey’s Anatomy is seeing how things fall apart even when they start out in a pretty good spot. We’re getting it with these guys from the jump with this story but we feel pretty darn confident that there’ll be some significant stumbling blocks after the fact. Maybe there’s a sudden storm, some part of the boat breaks, or someone gets into a fight and punches the other person into the ocean. One way or another, we’ve got a feeling that this is not going to according to plan — if it did, we probably wouldn’t be seeing it on the show.

As for what’s coming for the women in this episode, there’s something a little more overtly stress about what is going on here. After all, could this deadly secret be something that, in turn, makes some of the doctors sick? You always have to worry about that given the setting. The only thing that’s hopeful here is that these doctors have been in their profession long enough that they’ve seen many things and know some of the signs. Therefore, they should be able to detect if something is amiss and run the other way from it as fast as humanly possible.